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Service Arabesque

The guests can use the special “service de la Maison” with e.g.:

  • Use of Internet/wireless connection
  • Reading table
  • City tour around galleries, art and antique shops*/**
  • City tour visiting museums/ medina/ Kasbah*/**
  • Library facilities (very diverse choice)
  • TV-DVDs of Tanger /Morocco/1001 night films (also kids’ films available!)
  •  Visit to Hammam with on request entertainment massage/beauty fair in Maison Arabesque*
  • Moroccan meal with Fatima’s specialities (catering)*
  • Cooking lesson in association with Cooking studio Marrakech*/**
  • Trips to for instance Assilah/Larach/Tetouan/Chefchauen*/**
  • Walks in the Rif Mountains (routes for one or more days with possibilities for overnight staying; ecological tourism!)*/**
  • Fishing Odyssey (boat excursion on the Atlantic Ocean/Mediterranean sea)*/**

For the * activities an extra contribution should be paid; more information on request.

The ** activities are offered in association with a familiar team of guides. These guides must be reserved in advance. If interested in one of the activities mentioned, please indicate this before arrival in Maison Arabesque. Otherwise, chance may be that the guide has been booked already.

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